Pick Out Something Special for Your Home

Browse the collection at our thrift shop in Battle Creek, MI serving Kalamazoo County and surrounding areas

Visiting a local thrift shop is a great way to find something unique for your home. Southwest MI Goods is a consignment and thrift shop in Battle Creek, MI. We list items for consignment and sell items for various fees depending on the item.

Contact us now if you have something you'd like to list.

What will you find on our shelves?

What will you find on our shelves?

When you're going thrifting, you never know exactly what you're going to find. You can find all kinds of items at our thrift shop, including:

  • Electronics - pick up the old tech you're looking for
  • Personal items - one person's trash is another's treasure
  • Household goods - you can find amazing goods for your home

We accept goods from customers to list for consignment, and we sell amazing items. If you have any questions about our local thrift shop, email us today.

Why should you shop at a local thrift store?

If you haven't wanted to shop at a thrift shop before, now's the time to reconsider. When you explore the selection at our local thrift shop, you're sure to find something that's:

  • Affordable - Compared to new items from your local department store, you can find stylish goods at a local thrift shop for a fraction of the price.
  • High-quality - Because we only accept gently-used pieces and uphold strict quality standards, our stock is in excellent condition.
  • Unique - When you shop at the same old stores everyone else does, you're bound to end up having the same pieces as your neighbors.
Visit our thrift shop in Battle Creek, MI today for your next big one-of-a-kind find.